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9 Tips to Keep Black Salons in Business


Besides having fewer funds available to spend at the hair salon because of the recession, increasing numbers of Black women are opting to wear their natural hair, adopt a DIY look, or opt for cheaper options–trends that have been a few of several factors in the closing of Black hair salons across the country. Black salons have survived for decades by doing what they do best–hair–and many have offered the same types of services for years. But just because Black hair (and our pockets) are going through a major transformation doesn’t mean that our salons can’t be a part of the process. To stay in business, stylists need to be willing to change with the times by adapting their skills, services, and, according to Debra Ottley, owner of the Jelanis Naturals salon in New York City, regularly advertise and offer more specials. Here are a few tips on how to keep the salon open, and customers in the chairs.–Arlice Nichole

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